We provide comprehensive financial planning for families, small businesses and professional practices.  Our services include retirement and estate planning, investment management, and life and health insurance.  It is our hope that you will think of us as the primary resource for all of your financial needs. We will work closely with your tax and legal advisors to ensure an integrated approach to planning your financial future.

Step 1 – First Impressions

Our first meeting will be an informal visit where we introduce our practice and talk about the issues that prompted you to seek a financial planner and your expectations of a financial advisor.  We recognize the importance of choosing an advisor and understand that our style is not right for everybody.

Step 2 – Facts and Feelings

The data gathering process is extensive and includes both the factual elements such as tax returns, investment statements and income needs as well as a thorough discussion of subjective issues such as your tolerance for risk and the values you feel should be reflected in your investments.

Step 3 – Analysis and Strategies

We will prepare a projection of your financial future based on several sets of assumptions.  These projections will help us prioritize your goals and design a savings and investment strategy that is realistic and achievable.

Step 4 – Review and Update

We will periodically evaluate the need to adjust your plans as life events unfold and the financial markets evolve.


Additional Services

emxWe utilize an innovative financial management tool called eMoney to streamline the financial planning process and empower our clients. It is a platform that provides our clients and us a holistic view of their financial assets by aggregating all assets and liabilities across various custodians to a single location. Whether or not the accounts are administered through D.M. Brenner, we will be able to seamlessly integrate them into your financial plan – a key aspect of providing a realistic long-term financial road map.

Clients also have access, through their own customized portal, to tools that help them personally monitor their finances, including the most current balances, setting account alerts, budgeting features, and running alternate scenarios, all while communicating directly with us, your financial advisor.


everplansAs part of the estate planning process, we encourage clients to have all of their pertinent information collected in one place for their heirs or trustees to refer to. From time to time, clients have asked D.M. Brenner to serve in that role as coordinator. In an effort to streamline this process, we provide our clients with Everplans, a web-based service to assist them with organizing their affairs. With Everplans, clients can store their most important information and documents and share them with their loved ones. Things such as healthcare, life insurance, financial and legal information as well as account numbers, passwords, and life wishes can all be secured in one place, making the data gathering as simple as possible for clients and their heirs or trustees.


Our Compensation

Because we feel that financial planning is a lifelong process and because most of our new clients come from referrals, we do not feel a need to charge an up-front fee for the preliminary planning process.

We are compensated for our ongoing advice and service only when the financial plan is implemented, via advisory fees paid to us as a percentage of assets under management.

At times we may be compensated by commissions on products we recommend as part of your financial plan.

On occasion, we may charge a flat fee or hourly rate to provide analysis on a specific financial issue or to prepare a standalone financial plan.


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