In this economy? Here are the new rules.

Expectations about the financial landscape are shifting beneath our feet. With talk of higher-for-longer interest rates and now possibly stagflation, it’s clear that the old playbook might not cut it anymore – especially when the dinner check arrives.

But here’s the silver lining: this changing economic environment presents an opportunity to work together to adapt and thrive, ensuring you can manage your day-to-day expenses without compromising the life you envision for your future. Helping you understand and adjust to these “new rules” is what I’m here for. As we all know, it’s not always just about tightening the belt; it’s about smart strategies that balance current needs with future goals, making your money work harder for you in the current environment.

Together, we can navigate changing expectations, identifying opportunities to optimize where we can, prioritize, and invest in your future, all while maintaining the lifestyle you value – like a nice dinner out, if that’s what you like. Find out below who should pick up the check.

Enjoy these articles, and let’s talk about any ideas or life changes that may affect your finances.

Check Please! The New Rules of Paying for Dinner

April. 24, 2024

The pandemic, inflation and social media have led to changes in expectations and etiquette

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Your Retirement Anxiety Can’t Be Cured Online

April. 19, 2024

You heard it straight from the author of “Broke Millennial” Erin Lowry: Designing a retirement…

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Investors Are Growing Wary. 6 Rules for a Nervous Stock Market.

April. 25, 2024

Show me, don’t tell me—it’s the new mantra for the stock markets. The recent price volatility,…

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Touchdown Tactics: Winning Strategies In Football And Finance

April. 25, 2024

When considering the mechanics of football, it’s not uncommon to draw parallels between the…

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Taxes, Tariffs and Debt: Investors Start to Fear the Presidential Election

April. 29, 2024

Around the country, investors are getting jittery about the coming Biden-Trump rematch and…

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A Wealth Shift That Could Leave Some Younger Americans Behind

April. 29, 2024

Alainta Alcin has heard about the huge transfer of wealth from baby boomers to their millennial…