Eight ways to measure wealth – only one is money

Did you know that the true measure of wealth extends far beyond your bank account balance? In fact, there are eight distinct ways to evaluate wealth. And beyond the familiar metric of money, factors like growth, wellness, family, craft, community, adventure, and service play crucial roles in defining how wealthy you are.

And though it’s tempting to focus solely on financial gains, real wealth encompasses personal development, physical and mental health, the joy of relationships, mastery of skills, the support of community, the thrill of new experiences, and the fulfillment of giving back. Recognizing and nurturing these areas can lead to a more balanced, content, and abundant life.

Explore and reflect on these pivotal aspects of wealth in the articles below. Let me know if you have any questions. We can take a deeper dive together and start enriching your journey today.

Here are eight ways to measure wealth – only one is money

April. 18, 2024

Financial prosperity is only one of eight forms of wealth.

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Tax Day Is Over. Here’s 4 Things To Do After Filing Your Returns

April. 19, 2024

Planning does not end after Tax Day. Explore four essential steps to ensure financial health…

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What If Fed Rate Hikes Are Actually Sparking US Economic Boom?

April. 15, 2024

Bloomberg A radical theory is spreading as economy defies expectations. ‘The reality is people have more…

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Heirs Get More Time to Keep Their Money in Inherited Retirement Accounts

April. 18, 2024

The Internal Revenue Service postponed required withdrawals from many inherited accounts through…

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Don’t Make This Inheritance Mistake. It Could Cost Your Loved Ones Big Time.

April. 22, 2024

Don’t commit this easy-to-make tax faux pas, because it could cost your family a lot of money.

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Perfectionism Is a Trap. Here’s How to Escape.

April. 12, 2024

Young people are struggling with social comparison and self-criticism, but experts say there are…