Mind full? Try this.

News about the war in Ukraine and the resulting economic volatility is pretty much everywhere we look these days. Add to that the increasing pressure on our budgets from rising gas prices and interest rates, and you may find you’ve reached a limit to how much you can take in.

When your mind is full, especially with events or concerns out of your control, it’s easy for emotions to affect your decision-making ability. And it’s in those moments when people often make their most damaging financial mistakes.

Instead, be sure to read the Forbes article below with tips on how you can be mindful and stay focused on your long-term goals that align with your core values. The accompanying articles give great insight and reassurance as well.

I welcome a talk about any insights or concerns you have. Take care.

Investing in a time of war

March 2, 2022
Safeguarding your wealth from the consequences of conflict can be tough

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How High Can Oil Go? And for How Long? What Investors Need to Know.

March 5, 2022
An oil chief says he doesn’t plan to produce more barrels this year, even with Texas crude…

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Applying The Practice Of Mindfulness To Money Management

March 7, 2022
For most, mindfulness still seems a little “out there” rather than a practical pursuit that can…

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How the Average American Can Help Punish Putin

March 3, 2022
You aren’t likely to be holding a lot of Russian investments in your 401(k), but for investors…

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Will Inflation Fall? Any Pullback Depends on These Sectors

March 7, 2022
To figure out where inflation is headed, don’t look at the overall economy, look under the hood.

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