Wealth & Yourself: Take Control Back

This modern life can take a toll.

The pandemic’s continuing effect on, well, just about everything- along with stock market volatility, changing tax laws, the debt ceiling debate, and expected holiday shipping delays and shortages – it all adds up and can affect our stress levels. And sadly, that’s only news from the business section! I’m sure there are also events in your personal life that are leading you to feel anxious and unsettled as well.

It’s time to get off the roller-coaster of emotions and feel better.

Learning to cope with life’s stresses can work for your good in many ways, especially financially. The Forbes article below has tips on how. Taking a step toward optimum health can be as simple as just reaching out. So let’s talk about it. I’m here to help you see how everything can work together in your financial strategy for the future. I’d love to hear from you.

Here are some interesting articles to further inspire you this week. Enjoy and share, if you’d like, to get others on the path to wellness too. We rise by lifting others!

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