What are memories worth?

It’s a great American pastime: spending Memorial Day weekend relaxing with friends, family, and perhaps a refreshing drink, watching baseball or the Indy 500, enjoying our hard-fought freedom over some BBQ-grilled burgers and hot dogs. In most gatherings I’ve been to, it doesn’t take long before the reminiscing starts.

There are so many stories about the courageous American service people we know who fought and died for this great country. When you consider our American freedom and its cost, is there someone that immediately comes to your mind? Someone whose courage may continue to have an influence on the decisions you make in your life? I would love to hear that story.

Maybe their life has given you a new appreciation for all you have and changes your mindset around how you spend your time, resources, and finances. These lessons are invaluable and lift us up as a country. This summer especially, I’m feeling a newfound appreciation for American freedom as we emerge from this pandemic.

Let’s give credit where it’s due this Memorial Day, and keep their memories alive.

Lastly, here’s some important financial info picked for you from some of the best publishers in this great nation to inform your weekend. Feel free to share if you know someone who might benefit from the info. Let’s talk soon. Enjoy!

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