Your To-Don’t List

There’s lots of advice out there about organizing your workday, your family life, even your diet and exercise routine using to-do lists. Today, I’d like to suggest something different for your financial strategy — a to-don’t list. 

While your strategy shouldn’t be ‘set it and forget it’, you can simplify it by focusing on a few to-don’ts:

  • Don’t make rash changes without consultation
  • Don’t obsessively follow the financial talking heads and media
  • Don’t focus on short-term market ups and downs
  • Don’t forget your long-term goals and values

We’ve built a strategy around your long-term goals, and even though a lot has changed in the last year, staying focused on them is part of your long-term success and I’m here to help you.

Here are some compelling articles that will be helpful in these times. Feel free to share them and let me know if they spark new ideas for you.

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