Learn When To Say No…And When To Say Yes

Have you been feeling like you are being pulled in too many directions lately? It seems like each day brings new information that we’re supposed to understand and put to use in our health, family life, career, and money. As the holidays and year-end approaches, it’s just going to get more intense.

You can’t say yes to everyone and everything and do all of it well. When you take on too many or the wrong things, you waste time, energy, and money, and distract yourself from what’s really important. At the same time, we all have multiple priorities and goals, especially when it comes to our financial strategy.

I can help you plan for multiple priorities by giving you the right insight and information to create a strategy that will help put you on a path to meeting your long, mid, and short-term goals.

Here are some relevant and interesting articles on prioritizing and planning. Enjoy them, and feel free to share them with your network.

What My Sled Dogs Taught Me About Planning for the Unknown

Sept. 29, 2020

How do you settle into an endurance challenge with no idea when it will end?

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How Taxpayers Can Take Advantage Of Trump’s Tax Planning

Sept. 29, 2020

The recent news regarding Donald Trump’s tax returns can be a unique lesson for Americans in…

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Investors Ramp Up Bets on Market Turmoil Around Election

Sept. 28, 2020

In markets from stocks to currencies, investors are betting on one of the most volatile U.S….

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Why Couples Should Think Carefully Before the Higher Earner Claims Social Security Early

Sept. 27, 2020

Many are shocked to find out that their Social Security income plunges after a spouse dies. …

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Learn When to Say No

Sept. 26, 2020

You can’t say yes to everyone and everything and do all of it well. When you take on too many or…

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