Put Wellness At The Center

There is at least one positive outcome of the covid-19 crisis. Many people have been seriously thinking about their overall wellness—in their work-life balance and their financial situation.

These are topics that can bring up many different emotions. Understanding them is actually key to planning for and creating a more satisfying lifestyle.

There are a few questions about your wellness that I’d love to discuss with you: What do you want from your financial strategy? Why have we invested where we have? What have we changed during the crisis, why?

These questions, along with understanding your feelings about work, money, and planning for the future will help us to build the right strategy as we move out of crisis and into the future.

Here are some articles I found insightful. Please feel free to share them with your family and friends.

Yes, Numbers Matter in Money Decisions, but So Do Emotions

June 2, 2020

Imagine you’re sitting in an auditorium full of all kinds of people. Everyone is there to learn…

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It’s Going to Be a Crazy Summer for Travel and Outdoor Fun

June 2, 2020

The O’Connors’ summer travel plans involve several trips—to the backyard…

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Adaptability may be your most essential skill in the covid-19 world

May 31, 2020

Across the world, humans are living through a period of extraordinary change. It’s a lot of…

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3 Questions To Ask Your Advisor Right Now

May 30, 2020

Here are 3 questions many pre-retired and already retired investors should be asking themselves,…

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Putting Values at the Center of Wealth Planning

May 28, 2020

It shouldn’t take a pandemic to bring into focus what matters most, but if ever there was a time…

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